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The Boater crown is my original design handcrafted from La Forme,Paris. 
Handmade on a wood block . 
Height of the crown is 10,5 cm / 4 in 
This fur felt Suede from USA .
The Brim is a Snap On 4 positions all round.
The crown is trimmed a signature V bow .
Gros Grain Silk / Rhodia A.S & cie made in France are New Old Stock.
Velvet Ribbons Rayon / cotton Peacock made in USA are New Old Stock.
Brim is 7 cm flange all round with vintage Rayon ribbon turnover binding
hand stitch with silk pearl thread.
Lined with japanese jacquard taffeta.
Headband Cotton and rayonne padded ribbon .

Size Medium Large 
Euro/Japan 56 to 58 cm 
US 7 to 7 1/4
Inches 21 7/8 to 22 5/8
UK 6 7/8 to 7 1/8 
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