Brown's beach Vest

Brown's beach Vest

800 USD
I discover this Brown Beach Jacket vest in 1993 in Paris when i work at RAG on rue St Martin . 
The condition was  almost deadstock .
I wear it for about 7 years and i archive it for 12 yrs .
The condition is  good with no damage on the item .
There is a sign of use on the bottom inside 
in the front panels at the edge : the fleece is worn out .
I dated probably the item after 1929 on the United Carr press buttons.
Scovill press button on the jacket were probably introduce lately in the fifties.
I had many time been offer to sale it in the nineties....
i knew than it will be reproduce somehow .
the size is a 43 or around chest 109 cm.
Front lenght panel  64 cm
Back lenght panel 58 cm
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